Compromise Elsewhere: Quality Ingredients at Ynot with Boar’s Head

Along with the highest quality cheese from Grande, and locally grown fresh vegetables, we at Ynot also pride ourselves in the big quality standards of our meats that we use in every Ynot dish. To keep with these high standards, we have chosen to partner with Boar’s Head Meats. Not only because all of their products taste amazing and blend well with the Ynot menu, but also because of their shared sense of quality and tradition.

The Boar’s Head Story

Five generations ago, Boar’s Head began with the belief that consumers deserved a better quality ham. Over the years, their company has grown, but our standards for quality have never wavered. Frank Brunckhorst founded the Boar’s Head Brand in New York City in 1905. Dissatisfied with the quality of hams that were available to him, he set out to craft delicatessen products of uncompromising standards by using only the finest ingredients. Since then, the Boar’s Head standards of quality have never wavered. Their products are made of only the finest ingredients; whole muscle beef, pork and poultry, and spices sourced from around the globe.

Boar’s Head prides themselves on being master craftsmen in their industry, skilled artisans in meat and cheese preparation methods. They use time-honored recipes that call for hand-griming their meats, applying many of their spices by hand and more.

110 years later, Boar’s Head is still committed to providing the highest quality delicatessen products….nothing less.