Ynot Family Rewards Club


Ynot Family Rewards Club offers members the chance to earn points for every dollar spent at any Ynot location*. Accumulated points can be used for items such as free pizzas, t-shirts, wings, full dinners and other prizes. With enough points, Ynot founder, Tony, and his brother, Harry, will even teach you how to toss dough like the pros and treat you to a two person pizza tour of New York City.

In addition to great prizes, when you join the Ynot Family Rewards Club ordering delivery or for pickup can be as simple as entering your e-mail and password. As a Ynot Family Rewards Club member, you can save your favorite orders online and even have these orders linked to your favorite Ynot location.

The Ynot Family Rewards Club sends e-mail reminders alerting you how close you are to earning great rewards.

Registration is free! You can sign up at your favorite Ynot location or online! Plus, you get 25 free points just for signing up!

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Fill out the form below to register:

*Points are not awarded to discounted purchases or coupons
** Complete Dinner for 2, 2 Tickets to a local event, plus 1 Night Stay for 2 in Hampton Roads
*** Includes round-trip air to NYC, airport transfers, 2 night accommodation, and pizza tour for 2
**** Includes round-trip air to Naples, Italy, airport transfers, 5 night accommodation, and a hands-on pizza cooking class for 2

Points may only be redeemed for rewards indicated on the Family Rewards Chart.

Ynot reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the program terms, conditions and rewards without notice, or to terminate the program at any time upon 30 days notice. Ynot reserves the right to change membership requirements and benefits at any time. In the event the program is discontinued, any rewards earned prior to the member receiving notice shall be redeemable for a period of 30 days after issuance of notice of discontinuation of the program.

Ynot is not liable for points or rewards lost due to fraudulent or unauthorized use, whether resulting from a lost card or otherwise. Illegal, fraudulent or other unauthorized use of Family rewards account, or other activity inconsistent with these terms and conditions, will result in termination of membership and/or forfeiture of earned points and/or rewards. Multiple accounts by the same person are prohibited and will be terminated. Ynot reserves the right to audit membership accounts at any time.

Members provide their phone number identified in their account registration to earn points at the time of purchase. If Rewards are being redeemed, member may also be required to show valid ID. Only the member to whom the Family rewards account is issued may earn points or redeem Rewards. The member must be paying for the food and beverage to earn points. Family Reward points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.

Rewards may not be used to purchase gift cards.

Rewards may not be used for tax or gratuity or alcohol.

Ynot will not sell your email address/information to anyone.