We take QUALITY to a whole new level.

At Ynot, we share all of the same values and commitment to our customers. Serving only the highest QUALITY ingredients, made with the same quality and care we would make for our own family – so that you can enjoy it with yours! It’s the Ynot way.

Proudly using Grande Italian Cheeses in almost everything we make.

Great cheese comes from the best milk, from healthy, happy cows. That’s why we visited Grande’s milk supply farms. We saw for ourselves how Grande cows are treated with the utmost respect and enormous amounts of care; from back rubs to classical music, Grande goes above and beyond to make sure their bovine family members produce the highest quality milk for their exceptional dairy products. Like our customers, Ynot Italian expects nothing but the highest quality; that’s why we team up with suppliers with an attitude of hard work, dedication and attention to detail, just like us.

Proudly serving Rosina Foods for all of our authentic stuffed pasta.

Rosina started with a vision of producing quality food from the time Mama Rose started in 1963 making meatballs for the local church in Buffalo, NY & is now an international pasta & meatball company.

When we visited Rosina in Buffalo, NY, we were excited to meet owners Russ & Frank Corigliano & their family. Altogether, working in the business we felt the resemblance of our brand. At Ynot, all of our families work together to provide the highest quality food for our customers. We were amazed when watching the Ynot Italian stuffed shells being handcrafted – seeing the commitment to quality, cleanliness & dedication of their employees, truly made us realize this was a match made in Italy.

Proudly using Stanislaus fresh packed tomatoes for all of our homemade family tomato sauces.

Traveling to Salinas Valley in California to visit our tomato fields is an integral part of our quality assurance. We meet with owner Tom Cortopassi – he is the third generation in their family business. Their family came to Califorinia from Italy to find the best climate to produce their families proven methods. They were inspired to create the best fresh-packed tomato in the world. As we walked the fields to inspect the tomatoes that were going into our family sauces, we were amazed with the color & quality of them – they were beautiful. Tasting them in the field, they were bright red, full of juice with such intense flavor. Stanislaus & Ynot have the same family values & commitment to quality. Together, we are pleased to bring you an ingredient that our grandfather would be proud of.

Proudly using Corto EVOO alongside almost everything we make.

When visiting the fields in Lodi, California, we meet with the Cortopassi famiglia to savor the superior quality they have mastered in their premium olive oil. They plant their olives in vineyard-style rows, which produces a consistent taste. Their olives are harvested at the peak of freshness and promptly cold-pressed in their state-of-the-art mill. The fresh flavor of the oil is maintained by holding it in a climate-controlled cellar prior to packaging.

Like the Ynot family, the Cortopassi famiglia originates from Italy, where flavorful food has always been a source of family pride. Fresh flavor has always been their passion. They are committed to superior quality every step of the way.

Proudly serving Boar’s Head deli meats in all of our sandwich creations.

Since 1905, Boar’s Head has been committed to superior quality and exceptional customer service with a dedication to eating well. Their delicatessen products are made of only the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality of standards. Offering lower sodium products using pure pork, turkey, chicken and beef, combined with real spices and no artificial ingredients.

Their skilled artisans pride themselves on being master craftsmen in their industry. Using time-honored recipes that call for hand-trimming of meats, applying spices by hand, and more. All of their meats, cheeses, condiments and spreads contain no gluten, artificial colors or flavors, added MSG, fillers, by-products or trans-fat. When travelling to their facilities in New York City, their vision and traditions are clear to us.